Season 2 Done & Done

Season 2 is officially done, leaving just one last season to document before we have the complete data set! And, despite Mark being on only three of the nine episodes, he still managed to out invest every other Shark. It must be great to have billions…

And, if you look at the bubble chart, you’ll see that Mark may have made fewer investments than Daymond, Robert, and Barbara but he invested almost as much as all of them combined into the companies he did invest in.

Top deals this season were HyConn ($1.25m – Mark), First Defense Nasal Screens ($750k – Mark, Daymond, and Kevin O’Leary), One Sole ($500k – Daymond), Orig Audio ($150k – Robert), and Citikitty ($100k – Kevin Harrington).

HyConn was partially as expensive as it was because it was a flat out sale. Mark Cuban bought the company hook, line, and sinker, patents and everything. But you can see how the top five deals are far less than they were last season as a whole. Yes, three deals making up $2m but then what it takes to be in the top five drops to as little as $150k and $100k. Not what you’d call stunning amounts.

When it comes to The Bite this season, it’s a lot harder to figure out what to include and what not to. Should Mark be included given that he was only in three of the episodes? If so, then what about Jeff Foxworthy who was in two?

So… I’m just going to include everyone since there were so few episodes this season.

And with that, Jeff Foxworthy comes out with the biggest bite. Albeit, it only made two deals. But between those deals he took 56% of the value. Close on his heals this season was Robert and Daymond with 55%. Barbara actually ranked sixth with just 36%, a low for her, and Kevin Harrington came out the best for entrepreneur with only 9% bite across his four deals!

Now I only have Season 1 to document and it’ll be interesting. Probably in the same way Buffy Season One was interesting, it’s always fun to see where a good show came from even if where it came from wasn’t super inspiring in itself. Fifteen episodes left!