Season 3 Logged!

The headline sounds way more cheery than I feel, honestly. Season 3 was, perhaps, the biggest slog of all the seasons I’ve been through thus far. For a couple of reasons.

1) The deals just weren’t that interesting. Yes, there were a couple of deals that were good. Even a few that carried forward. But it just wasn’t that inspiring. In a large part because the deals all just felt so much more low stakes than what I know came after.

2) The stakes were so much lower.

Look at the investment chart below. Now… this is with only fifteen episodes and, to compare apples to apples, I really should throw together a chart that does an episode/season average… but… at this rate, I feel like I could be a shark.

It’s even worse when you look at the bubble chart! Since the size of the bubbles are relative to the amount invested and the overall number of deals is lower, it’s practically anemic.

The Shark Tank, despite being called that, really seems like less of one the further I go back. And since Season 2 is only supposed to have Mark Cuban in a few episodes, I can’t imagine anyone is investing in his amounts or (since she’s not even in it) with Lori’s frequency.

I will say this as a generally positive note for Season 3, I loved Lori. I mean, I still love Lori. But I loved her in Season 3 because she guested and stepped in like she owned the place. And she took no shit from anyone.

In fact, I remember a couple of good exchanges in which she basically told Kevin where to stick it. (But not in that language, of course.)

For the last season, I documented the biggest deals but there really weren’t any big deals this season. So let’s go over who took the biggest bites. And, again, this is averaged across all their deals:

The absolute biggest bite goes to Daymond John with a 67.75% bite. That means that the value entrepreneurs walked out with was 67.75% less than they walked in with. Barbara was second with a 46% bite, which is right where she seems to like to sit. Surprisingly, Kevin actually came out the best in this season with a 28% bite.

The largest deals for this season were with Unikey Technologies ($500k – Mark & Kevin), Villy Custom ($500k – Barbara & Mark) Gogo Gear ($300k – Daymond), Miso Media ($300k – Mark), and Talbott Teas ($250k – Kevin). Mark Cuban is definitely dominant, being involved in three of the five biggest deals.

Looking forward to seeing how Season 2 shakes out. It’ll be Mark’s guest season and, I think, Jeff Foxyworthy of all people. But it’s also only nine episodes long. I’ll be curious to see what the investment totals look like.