Season 6-8 Collected!

I’ve successfully logged every deal and update from Season 6 through the latest episode of Season 8. That’s 369 entrees and every single one has been categorized. For the record, that’s over $69,546,000 in investments!

The top five categories by deals made over these three seasons are:

  1. Utility – 31
  2. Apparel – 28
  3. Food – 18
  4. Health/Beauty – 18
  5. Recreation – 14

Utility is kind of a catchall category used for products or inventions that do something new or in a better way. Think things like a better egg beater. Recreation is stuff like hobby equipment or outdoor sports. Everything else should hopefully be pretty self explanatory.

I’ve updated the temporary homepage with some of these figures.

The only real outlier at this point was the amount that Robert invested in Season 6. He had two high six-figure deals with Keen Home ($750k) and The Red Dress Boutique ($1.2m) and two multi-million dollar deals including SynDaver Labs ($3m), and Zero Pollution Motors for a whopping $5m! This pushed his investment total up past $11m versus Mark who invested only $4.8m.

For comparison’s sake, Robert invested less than $2m in Season 7 and is only at $1.6m for the current season.

Almost everyone else’s trend line is pretty stable. Except for Mark Cuban. In Season 6 he invested $4.8m and in Season 7 invested $5.6m but this season has thus far only invested $1.8m. If this season runs to a full 28 episodes like the previous two, I’ll be curious to see if he makes up some ground between now and then.

I’m currently half-way through Season 5, so I’m really curious to add to these numbers and see if Season 6 was a blip for Robert.