Season 9 Update

And I’m back!

It’s been a crazy year and a half since my last update but, fortunately, I have continued my documentation of Shark Tank and actually quite enjoyed Season 9. The guest Sharks were clearly recorded in a single day each which is why Sara Blakely looked like a pink reject from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band every time she appeared. But, if anything, it really just gives some insight into how the show is made.

You have to figure that getting a group of rich people together like that can maybe only happen for a week out of the year. So it makes sense that they’d do probably the whole thing over the course of a couple of days and then parcel them out as episodes.

Still, Sara… an emphatic no on that blouse. Ugh…

(And, yes, I hate to be that guy who comments on women’s clothing…)

Anyway… if anything was truly interesting this season, it’s how the Sharks were actually at their least shark-y! The data as posted now still lacks two episodes but the amount of equity taken in each business was just 19.91% this year compared to 21.64% last year which had been the least shark-y season until now. Be curious to see if the last two episodes change that significantly… But under a 20% ask? That’s very interesting…

But a second interesting thing is how entrepreneurs have begun to value their equity. Between seasons 4-9, they were willing to give up somewhere between 12-15% of their companies. The earlier seasons were a lot more extreme but the businesses were, if you will excuse me, a bit more jokey than they’ve become in later seasons. This season, the giveaway was actually under 12%, sitting at 11.30%. But this follows the overall trend line of entrepreneurs appreciating the value of what they’ve started. And with the Sharks taking less of a bite, it seems that they’re seeing it too.

I was going to just launch the site and not even remark how I hadn’t updated it in a while but I figured… eh… what the hell. Work on the database is proceeding and it will hopefully go up before season 10. But keep an eye out here in the meantime for a few more updates before the whole thing goes live. Especially once I finish processing the numbers for Season 9.