Why Stats For Sharks

Greetings fellow stats sharks. My name is Colin Andrew Ferm, one of the co-founders of Stats For Sharks, a neat little data project that attempts to track Shark Tank by their own numbers.

I’m sure at least a couple of people must be wondering, “Why create Stats For Sharks? It’s just a TV show, right?”

And… yep… that’s totally correct. It’s even known that deals that made on the show are renegotiated after the fact and may not even ever happen. And, as we grow, we intend to follow up on those rumors and find out whether Shark Tank was even a good deal for most of the companies that pitch on the show.

But even television has rules. The Amazing Race has the Fast Forward. Project Runway has the Tim Gunn Save. Shark Tank has its numbers.

So… to some extent this project will be hopefully useful for people looking to pitch to the Sharks. Have a new clothing line? Given your industry, your ask, and the amount of equity you’re willing to give up, is Daymond really the best shark to pitch to? Or does he always take too large of a bite. Maybe Barbara is the shark for you. And, by using our numbers, you can confirm this to tailor your pitches her.

But for everyone else, it has the same potential interest as baseball stats do for die hard baseball fans. Someone invents a better egg beater? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know that Mark has already invested $2 million and Lori has invested $2.075 million just in Season 8? That the next most interested shark in the category is Daymond with $250k total?

If you had to place a bet on who will bid for the investment, would it be Mark and Lori or Barbara who has barely invested $75k in utility products all season?

Everything is more interesting when quantified. And Shannon and I believe that Shark Tank is no different.

We’re currently in the process of designing up the website and adding the customization to it to make it truly useful for everyone, so stay tuned to this blog for updates and announcements!

Really looking forward to getting something amazing up and out there.