Big Updates!

So there are a lot of things to update you on…

Firstly, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the site launched! It launched in a very rough form over the summer because… well… why not. The design wasn’t perfect and there were only a handful of companies with their deals detailed out but… Season 10 was coming and it seemed better to launch than to leave it behind a static front page for much longer.

Over the intervening months, I’ve been hard at work adding all of the deals for Season 9 into the wiki database of companies and deals as well as keeping up with Season 10 as it’s been airing. Additionally, the site’s design and functionality evolved over time to what you can see now.

Is it perfect, no. Not at all. There are still a bunch of things I’d like to see tweaked on it. But it’s in much better shape than when it launched and is definitely heading in the right direction. Among other things, on the homepage, we now display banners to highlight which companies did or did not make a deal in their particular episode. Images of the sharks (or guest sharks) are shown at the top of every deal in which they took part. Everything is properly categorized. But, perhaps most importantly, the charts and the data has been improved and refined over many, many iterations.

The charts, over time, have become even more informative as they have been fed both better data (I just pushed a big update to the data that powers them today) and as they’ve increased in the different types of data that can be displayed. My plan is still to add a chart builder page so that users of the site can interact directly with the charts and feed them different types of information. But, for now, this flexibility has allowed me to display the data that I think is most important for each deal on that deal’s page.

We now include charts to:

  • See how much a shark has bitten each season.
  • See the average amount a shark has bitten per season.
  • Display the overall amount invested, divided up by category type.
  • Display per category a comparison chart of how many deals each shark has made.
  • Show the other sharks a give shark has most often teamed up with.
  • And much, much more!

Honestly, I’m really pleased with the different ways the charts can thin slice the data associated with the deals in our database. And it’s really just going to get better as I am now including sub-categories in the charts database so that true one-to-one comparisons can be made. It was one thing when we had companies just in the Food category. But did you know that we also tracked which of those were Beverage deals? And which of those were alcoholic beverage deals? We were! And now we’ll be able to cross-compare those deals to see how they stack up.

There are a myriad of different ways in which that might be useful, one of which would be to display a comparison chart of the current deal being viewed against an average of all other similar deals to see if the deal was better, worse, or on track for deals of that type. As you’re watching Shark Tank and wondering, “I don’t feel like that was a good deal…” you’ll now have a resource to turn to for the definitive answer.

Well… we won’t be able to tell you if it was a good deal, per se, but we will be able to tell you if it was good in comparison.

I’ll attempt to keep site news more updated, here on this blog, and bring the design changes from the main site here as well as more closely integrate the two. In the meantime, keep an eye out on the most recently added pages and the home page for new deals added.