Ohhhh…. Bubble Charts…

Well… isn’t this dangerous…

In my quest to continue trying to find new ways to visualize the data… I’ve discovered bubble charts.

What make these interesting is that they can actually represent data on three axis instead of the usual two. Everyone has seen a line chart, something that displays how values can change over time. Well this new bubble chart doesn’t just go to show how things change over time, they also can represent a third data point.

It’s definitely interesting to see how, say, Robert’s investments over time have spiked and then returned to the mean. But how does that also compare to the total number of deals made? When looking at the bubble chart, you can see that the number of deals is about the same from season to season. What happened was that in Season Six, his total investment dollar amount jumped in relation to the number of investments.

This is a really cool trick and something I look forward to using in relation to other data.

One of the goals of Stats for Sharks isn’t just to collect the data. We really want to do something interesting with it. Make it understandable at a glance. And coming up with new and interesting charts to display it is actually a major thing we want to achieve with the site in its launched form.

We’re working on a really interesting design that’ll give a dashboard of data for each shark and make this the go-to place for all your Shark Tank data.