Kevin Is A Man of Honor

Say what you will about Mr. Wonderful but Kevin O’Leary makes for good television. His deals some times seem off the wall but they’re always creative. Occasionally, they even seem to make the most sense for a given company.

I’ve been working my way through Season Five of Shark Tank, cataloging the data, and in two episodes it struck me that not only is Mr. Wonderful perhaps the most shark-y of the sharks but that he’s also a man of particular honor.

Take two deals offered in this season, Cashmere Hair and Hold Your Haunches.

Cashmere Hair was offering salon quality human hair extension and Hold Your Haunches was making form shaping leggings. In both instances, Kevin was concerned about the big lie. What, he wondered aloud, would the guys think when they got these girls home only to discover that they had neither the luscious hair that caught your eye from across the room or the well shaped booty that made you invite her to your place?

And, yet, no one else seemed bothered by this. After all, women lie all the time with their hair and beauty products. What made these things any different?

After having watched close on four full seasons of Shark Tank, I think I can now speak to the difference. It’s that Mr. Wonderful is by far the most ethical of all the sharks in the tank. And I think the other sharks could stand to learn a thing or two.